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We help established organisations across productions, processes and resourcing strategies to grow profitability and drive relevance.

Retail Pricing
Retail Pricing

Azuria Partners can assist life insurers with:

  • Claims experience investigations
  • Setting best estimate pricing
  • Assumptions such as claims incidence rates, lapse rates and expenses
  • Pricing of product upgrades
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Reinsurance pricing reviews
  • Reinsurance structure review – mapping of treaties and determination of efficient structures
  • Documentation and internal approvals
  • Implementation and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Azuria Partners can assist life insurers with:

  • Actuarial modelling and processes support
  • Calculation of Reserves, including Analysis of Change
  • Documentation and Internal Governance
  • Methodology and Assumptions Setting including Experience Investigations
  • Management insights including drafting and reviewing presentations and reports to senior management and Appointed Actuaries.
Regulatory Capital
Regulatory Capital

Azuria Partners can assist life insurers with:

  • Calculation of regulatory capital
  • Documentation and reporting of Capital calculations (incl. Target Surplus)
  • Performing Analysis of Change to prior month
  • Analysis and reporting of ICAAP
  • Impact on Capital from new business initiatives
Group Pricing
Group Pricing

Azuria Partners can assist life insurers with developing end to end delivery of the required analysis and the pricing report recommendations for all large corporates or industry fund opportunities. Specially our services include

  • Setting up and analysis of data
  • Deriving best estimate pricing assumptions (incl. expenses)
  • Informing of loss ratios
  • Pricing of product upgrades
  • Reinsurance pricing & structure reviews
  • Documentation and internal approvals
  • Implementation and Client Proposal Documents
  • Technical and peer reviews of the pricing analysis
  • Identifying risks in the pricing process, leading to more efficient evaluation process.

Azuria Partners has extensive experience in assisting multiple life insurers with the implementation of IFRS17 across Australia. Our services in this area include:

  • Model development and testing, gap analysis for future IFRS17 capability, implementation and deployment.
  • Interpreting requirements and developing methodology in line with IFRS17 standards.
  • Financial impact analysis including transition impacts, calculating retrospective IFRS results, impacts on capital requirements and future profitability.
  • Regulatory submissions including assistance with APRA QIS.
  • Setting up controls, checks and documentation of process and assist transitioning IFRS17 to BAU teams.

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We can assist you across all channels of life insurance whether it be Retail, Direct or Group and across all actuarial functions like Pricing, Valuations and Capital Management.

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