Pricing a Large Corporate Group Life Insurance Contract

AZURIA / Major Corporate

“How Azuria helped a Life Insurer to solve the challenge of providing a large quote within the challenges of the available operational bandwidth”

The Project – The Client’s initiative was to outsource the pricing of a large Group Corporate Life Insurance Contract

Project Requirements

  • Addressing all aspects of the Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • Pricing as per the Insurer’s approved models and processes
  • Obtaining relevant signoffs for fulfilling Quote Requirements
  • Deliverables constraint of 5 business days

Azuria Partner’s Contributions:

  • Assembled a small project team consisting of an experienced actuary with supporting analysts.
  • Completed a detailed experience review using historical insurance data, within 2 business days.
  • Documented the key assumptions and decision drivers into a well-structured pricing report.
  • Presented the analysis to key reviewers and approvers in the business.
  • Responded to the RFP as per its requirements within the advised timeframes.


  • The client was pleased with Azuria’s performance and contributions
  • Specifically, the client appreciated Azuria’s deep research into the challenges and opportunities presented by the contract.
  • The insurer’s product and pricing response was submitted in the required timeframes.