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About Azuria

An actuarial consulting business which partners with Life Insurers.

Azuria Partners assists in solving process and resourcing strategies; increasing profitability; and improving pricing sustainability. We are experienced life insurance practitioners with the corporate experience required to deliver tangible results. By combining our industry expertise with strategic insights, we help our clients with solving lifeinsurance commercial challenges.

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Industry expertise

We are seasoned life insurance veterans with the corporate experience required to deliver tangible results

Strategic insight

We leverage data to help clients anticipate the future and build differentiation through a more relevant offer.

Personal touch

We build lasting partnerships with clients, embedding our team and developing a seamless working dynamic.

Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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Emily Fan


Michael Seymour


Ruolan You

Senior Actuarial Analyst

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Senior Actuarial Analyst

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Actuarial Analyst

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Actuarial Analyst

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